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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Oshika Co., Ltd. (the "Company") is, by established the Privacy Policy as follows, to build a mechanism of protection of personal information and to ensure the efforts and awareness of the importance of protecting personal information to all employees, will promote the protection of personal information.

Personal information management
For keeps accurate and up-to-date customers' personal information, to prevent such unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, disclosure of personal information, the Company, the development and employee training of maintenance and management system for security system make the strict management of personal information to take necessary measures such as thorough, implement safety measures.

Use of personal information
The personal information you have entrusted to us by our customers, billing of the price and the shipment of the product, as the answers to your questions and guidance and business contact from us, we use it for sending the article or e-mail.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
Unless you properly manage personal information you have entrusted to us from our customers, it falls under any of the following, we will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties.
・ If the consent of customers
・ To disclose to contractors we entrust the business to perform a service that customers would like
・ If it will be disclosed on the basis of laws and regulations is required
・ If it is not possible to obtain the consent of the person to, and may harm the life, body or property of a third party and customers ・ From action contrary to the Terms of Service notes and our laws, if you need to defend protect our rights or the property or services, and it is not possible to obtain the consent of the person.

Inquiry of the person in question
If the customer is hope and query, modify, delete personal information of the person in question, after confirmation, we will respond that it is your identity.

About Cookies
This site, when the customer is re-visit to this site, there is a thing to use cookies in order to have you browse our site more convenient. Cookies are information such as usage records of which will be saved as a file on your computer. The customer's own, by manipulating the settings of your browser, you can refuse to accept cookies. If you decline, there is a thing on you if you use the content and services we offer, constraint occurs in some functions.

You are not specified any responsibility regarding any loss or damage, such as that caused by the use of any information obtained from other web pages that link is set from this site and this site.

Review and comply with laws and regulations, norms
Comply with laws and regulations and other norms of Japan to be applied with respect to personal information held, to review as appropriate the contents of this policy, we will strive to improve them.

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