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Hashima logistics center

location 10-70, Hirakata, Fukuju-cho, Hashima-shi, Gifu 501-6257, Japan
Phone number
FAX number
TEL 058-372-3862
FAX 058-372-3863
Segments Press, Check, Inspection, Inspection needle, Repairing
Safekeeping depot Hashima logistics center
The safekeeping ability 10,000 men's hangers
20,000 lady's hangers
Press equipment 2 sleeve strikes, 2 body presses
2 shoulder strikes, 2 box presses
1 arm strike, 11 flat base irons (Horse)
1 side strike, 2 collar strikes
Handling item Men's suits, jackets, coats, slacks
Lady's suits, jackets, coats, slacks, skirts
Men's, Lady's, Children's and casual in general
Press cooperation factory 4 Press cooperation factories:
Safekeeping space of 15,000~30,000 hangers for each
(It's calculated by men's Hanger for heavy clothes)
Cooperation company Inspection needle (Double head inspection machine),
Label sticking, Closing, Thread bounds
Safekeeping and shipment
Client CHIKUMA industrial corporation, TAKISADA corporation
KB world corporation, Sovereign garment corporation, Virginia corporation
4 domestic sewing manufacturers (The other group company masses)

Hashima logistics center

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